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Spielbergs - 'We Are All Going to Die' single

We're probably not going to write a huge amount on Norwegian band 'Speilbergs' because actually they've been featured on almost every half decent music website (and now an average one too...) in the last couple of weeks, from NME to the excellent Clash Magazine. Their new single, cheerily entitled 'We Are All Going to Die' is the type of song which will have stunned everyone into collective silence, before they frantically started grabbing at their quills to write about what they just heard.

So to introduce you, they're a 3-piece indie rock band from Oslo, consisting of Mads Baklien, Stian Brennskag and Christian Løvhaug and they write high intensity guitar music, collectively hurling guitars, drums and kitchen sinks around their studio in order to generate as much energy as possible - imagine if music was conceived within the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, that's the type of effect you'll get.

Right from the start 'We Are All Going To Die' launches into life, with staccato drums sounding like a machine gun, howling driven guitars and melodic vocals. But my favourite part of the track is the huge instrumental section at the end, clearly they're just having a huge amount of fun, as well as writing good music.

This is 'We Are All Going to Die'.

'We Are All Going to Die' is a track from the forthcoming Speilbergs 'Distant Star' EP, which will be released on April 27 through By The Time It Gets Dark Records.

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