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Rami Vierula - new single 'Pakko Liikkua'

When 'Delay Trees' decided to call an end to their time as a band we were obviously pretty sad. But one thing we knew for certain was that we'd be sure to hear more from lead vocalist Rami Vierula pretty soon, given that he is the most prolific of songwriters - with a stream of songs in recent years either as Rami Vierula, through the wonderful 23:23 and of course through Delay Trees themselves.

It was no surprise therefore to get news of a solo release (the 1st single of his forthcoming album), and I've waited a week or so to write about this, because when i first listened to 'Pakko Likkua' I was in a real rush, and instantly I knew that this was music I needed to get totally absorbed in, without the strains of the world rushing by. So i put into one side and waited until I really could so it justice, and it's a really lovely song.

'Pakko Liikkua ' is a song written about letting go of someone you both respect and love for the same reasons, with the song (translated into English) opening with the line 'You're waiting there quietly for time to catch up and reach you', and clearly his new album is going to be a thoughtful affair, poetic and contemplative as he deals with sorrow, love, light and god - amongst other subjects. I'm really looking forward to it. Musically the gentle melancholy melody sits over a beautiful instrumental construction, with flugelhorn, percussion and in particular the violin effects courtesy of Sanna Komi add a striking texture to the overall sound.

You can listen to 'Pakko Liikkua' here:

Although a solo project, I'm looking forward in particular to the contributions of the musicians he's gathered around him on the new album. In the meantime find yourself a quiet place and listen to 'Pakko Liikkua ', and we'll bring you news on the album release as soon as we have it.

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