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Kluster - new single 'Over My Head'

We do like to cover bands that cross over different genres, and have multiple influences in their songwriting, and in Swedish band 'Kluster' we have yet another really good example of a band who approach their music in a really open minded manner. They're a 5 piece band, formed in Malmö back in 2014, and their debut track 'Over My Head' has been getting some great recognition on websites such as the excellent Indie Shuffle.

It's easy to see why.

'Over My Head' is unlike anything I've heard in the last few months. It's a complex mix of sounds and rhythms, but it's driven forward at such a pace, and there's still an almost delicate tuneful vocal that sits above the track that's really appealing too - until it descends into a crescendoed mass of sound just before the end. This is simply great noise.

Take a listen to 'Over My Head', which is released through Red Lama Records, here:

We try to avoid the hype here at Nordic Music Review, but we're pretty sure that Kluster are going to make a big impression over the next 12 months. We look forward to covering their next release.

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