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Frøkedal - new track 'I Don't Care'

We've managed to get a full album review out (Stina Stjern) today and there's a particularly lovely release from Norwegian songwriter Marthe Halvorsen that we want to write about too, but in the meantime we just wanted to drop in a new track from none other than 'Frøkedal', whom if you remember was listed in our 2016 Favourite Albums of the Year for 'Hold on Dreamer'.

The new track is entitled 'I Don't Care' and the good news is that it's taken from her forthcoming album, which is entitled 'How We Made It', and which will be released on 31st August - that's gone straight into our calendar and we really look forward to hearing it.

Anyway the new single is called 'I Don't Care', and it's typically lovely and understated, she has this ability to write melodies that wander off in slightly different directions to that which I'm expecting, and in this song I particularly love the subtle contributions from her 'familien' of musicians - the violins sound particularly great if you listen carefully enough.

This is 'I Don't Care', and it's released today:

Due to really unfortunate circumstances I missed 'Frøkedal' when she came to Manchester around the time of her last album release despite telling everyone else to go, so I'm really hoping she'll make it back to us around September - which would make it a huge month for Norwegian gigs in the UK given what we're about to announce....

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