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Lac Belot - new single ''D 'n' A''

If anyone remembers us writing about Lac Belot last time, well we probably owe you a pint of something (or maybe you owe us one...) because it was back in 2014, shortly after we started, and when Lac Belot released his debut EP 'Elizabeth', which made a really good impression with not just ourselves, but with fine Blogs such as 'One Chord to Another'. So it's great that he's finally back with some new material, and ''D 'n' A'' is his first single from a forthcoming album, which is due to be released through the excellent Solina Records.

Now we know Lac Belot ( Jarno Takkumäki ) hasn't been sitting idly for the last few years, because he also has expertise as a producer / engineer - I might be dreaming it, but I'm sure I saw he was working with the lovely Laura Moisio at one point. But almost 4 years without a release is a long time, and it's clear that he's been working on something pretty special, the first glimpse of which we get to hear today.

''D 'n' A'' is a pretty extraordinary track, mainly because of the layers of instrumentation that have been handcrafted alongside the vocals, which seem even deeper and more assured than previously - there's a reassuringly soft tone to them too. But there's just so much to listen to here, a luxurious melody, saxophone, the explosion of instruments just past half way and then the way the piano beautifully changes the direction of the track just under 4 minutes in - as well as the subtleties of the string quartet bringing the track to a conclusion.

This is ''D 'n' A'':

Pretty good right?? Anyway I wouldn't want to hype up the album too much, but we're very much looking forward to hearing it and reviewing it too. We'll let you know when it's out...

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