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Introducing... 'Fred Seul' and debut 'Lights Will Come (After Long):

Today we introduce 2 new artists / bands, and both are from Denmark, with the first being 'Fred Seul', who has an approach to songwriting which is really individual, and pretty refreshing too - I think this will go down pretty well irrespective of the style of music you normally listen to. Anyway he's a young 24 year old songwriter, and his music is crafted around his passion for social activism, and that's particularly apparent in his debut single.

'Lights will Come (After Long)' discusses the question of whether authorities should in some way intervene and help people to test drugs before use to ensure that those taking them do so safely, and that's a powerful subject issue to go straight into on a debut single. But I think it works really well, and part of the reason for that is his musical style - opening with a foghorn blast of synths, 'Fred Seul' has a distinct deep vocal which stands out against the sparingly used instrumental support and pushes the emphasis clearly onto the lyrics. There's so many things to like about this, the intertwined melodies, the lyrics, the relevance and freshness of the sound - this really works for me. I hate mentioning other more established musicians when I'm introducing new artists, but maybe there's a hint of John Grant in there somewhere, and that's clearly a good thing.

Anyway this is 'Lights will Come (After Long)':

I really hope that Fred Seul has more interesting tracks like this in the pipeline, and that distinct vocal and lyrical style should allow him to 'hold the floor' on pretty much whatever topic he wants too, so I'm very much looking forward to future releases.

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