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Introducing...'The Hangers' with debut 'Medievil'

We should have written about this debut from Finnish band 'The Hangers' last month, as I liked their song as soon as I heard it, but the sheer scale of submissions left us slightly overwhelmed, and we're only just getting back on top of things. So we'll correct that right now, as they're a young 5 piece band studying in Espoo who write laid back folk pop tunes, with nice melodies and distinct vocals.

The story behind their track 'Medievil' is actually pretty simple, because the band were just sitting around playing on a playstation when one of them started jamming a riff, another added a vocal melody, words followed, and they soon had a song. And actually that's why I like 'Medievil', it's just got this natural charm, a song written in the old traditional folk tradition of musicians just sitting around trying out different guitar chords and melodies, with a playstation replacing a camp fire and beer - although I'm pretty sure there was still beer around too...

So this is the video to 'Medievil', and whilst I don't normally mention 'Ear Worms', this is actually the ultimate ear worm song, because the melody will get inside your head and make you want to slowly dance around the house. I like the vocals too, understated and individual, whilst throughout it all that guitar riff is a constant, churning away relentlessly.

Now of course 'Medievil' is 'The Hangers' only formally released song so far, so we'll need to see whether they can develop the songwriting further from the simple charm of their debut track, but I like the style of this band, and we can never get enough Nordic folk pop, so we look forward to hearing what they come up with next.

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