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'Prins Wilmer' - 'Ett gud välsignat koris, en helig symfoni' (single)

After the outrageous 'classic pop' melodies of 'Moving to Canada', we'll switch emphasis to a different style of music writing, but remain in Sweden. 'Prins Wilmer' is a young songwriter (just 22) and producer, and he writes what I'd describe as orchestral pop, ambitious complex pop songs that are often (but not always) grounded in big instrumentation, and have a sense of theatre to them too.

The track that we'll feature is entitled 'Ett gud välsignat koris, en helig symfoni', which rather wonderfully translates to something like 'A god blessed chorus, a holy symphony'. And even if the artist isn't taking himself too seriously with the title, I love the ambition of the music, opening with a big musical theme played out by strings and accompanied by a grandiose piano. Vocally 'Prins Wilmer's' has an understated approach, preferring to let the collective musicians to take equal centre stage, so whilst the arrangements might have influences from someone like the Divine Comedy, the vocals are very different. I think the whole effect is really interesting.

This is 'Ett gud välsignat koris, en helig symfoni':

So if you like this, the good news is that 'Prins Wilmer' has a release out entitled 'Bibelm' containing 9 curious tracks (the highlight is possibly 'Beckomberga') and there are also a few other tracks around online including 'Sthlm Sugar', which I quite like too. I'm convinced that Prins Wilmer will continue to develop his songwriting, he clearly has the natural ability to write good tunes, and I like both the aspiration and the inventiveness of his compositions too. For more details follow him on Facebook:

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