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'Select Captain' - 'Highest Peak' (single)

To contrast with that quite blistering track from 'Sauropod', we'll return to another track from a familiar face and name in Nordic Music Review, Danish singer songwriter 'Select Captain'. This year he is releasing a stream of singles leading up to his new album, a follow up to his 2016 release 'Strings and Feathers', and the latest is 'Highest Peak'. It was co-written and produced by none other than Esben Svane, the man behind the excellent The Radar Post, an artist we hold in the highest regard.

This is another measured track from Kristian Gaarskjær, the man behind the Select Captain moniker, which opens with a simple guitar accompaniment, before it opens up into the most beautiful melody - as we've established many times, it does all come down to the 'tunes' after all, and this is one of his best. It's a gentle and melancholy ballad, the accompanying instrumentation is understated, but I particularly like the glockenspiel contribution (and assuming I haven't mixed up glockenspiels and xylophones yet again...).

There's a video to accompany the track, which is based around the premise of how we all keep going through the same response patterns again and again, without really learning from them.

Anyway assuming we've learnt from our familiar pattern of getting huge backlogs and forgetting important releases, we'll try and let you all know when the new 'Select Captain' album comes out.

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