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Råhypnos - 'Pain Shrinks the Heart' (single from album 'Do We Want It'

As always the music that is most likely to catch our attention are the releases which don't really fit into any specific style or genre - and in 'Råhypnos' we're delighted to introduce a band that cleverly fuse together a few different styles of music.

The band were formed back in Gothenburg in 2015 by Pablo Rautenberg and Nadja Virgé, and a year later they released their self titled debut EP (you can still find it on streaming services), and which we missed due to our normal sluggish levels of music writing despite it being featured on some pretty good music sites around the world. The good news is that they've now released a full debut album entitled 'Do We Want It', and from that we're delighted to feature 'Pain Shrinks the Heart'.

So I like this because I do genuinely feel it offers something different. Straight from the beginning it's able to create a real intensity, with an obvious dark element created by a distinct guitar sound - indie rock meets darkwave gothic influences. The pauses in the music add to that feeling too, but whilst you'll never feel entirely at ease, actually it's a really listenable and likeable song too, because at the heart of the music are melodies - and as someone once said, 'it's all about the tunes 'innit'. The highlight is definitely the rich instrumental section that starts just under 2 minutes in, it just works really well.

Anyway I've really enjoyed listening to the whole 'Råhypnos' album, which has been out for just under a month, so please give it a try. More detail can be found in the following places:

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