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Anna Arco and Migdal Strings - 'Dagger to the Heart'

Hopefully regular readers will remember last year our write-ups of Swedish singer songwriter and musician Natalie Migdal, most notably when she released the track 'I've Run Out Of Words'. We wrote at the time that she was also the founder behind the 'Migdal Strings' collective, with the strings being put to great use in her release, and now they're contributing to another project which has resulted in Swedish songwriter Anna Arco and 'Migdal Strings' join forces for an arrangement of Arco's 2017 song 'Dagger to the Heart'.

This is a beautiful acoustic arrangement, with just a string quartet, and there are some wonderful contrasts between forceful sections and the some heartbreakingly intimate moments, but throughout the fusion of strings and vocals works perfectly. With something like this it's probably just best if you watch for yourself - this is 'Dagger to the Heart':

This is the first of what we hope will be a series of 'Migdal Sessions', where the string group will work with different talented Scandinavian musicians on arrangements of music. We'll try to resist the temptation to send a list of whom we would like them to work with next...

('Dagger to the Heart' is released through Raccoon Recordings.)


Migdal Strings:

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