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Dylan Mondegreen - new single 'A Place in the Sun'

We have so many new releases to write about this week, a combination of old favourites and debut releases, plus a coupe of new features too - I think we should have 15-20 different posts or so by the end of the week. I've been thinking about where to start, and I've decided to make it an easy listening one, the new single by Norwegian singer songwriter 'Børge Sildnes', who has written under the 'Dylan Mondegreen' pseudonym for many years now.

'A Place in the Sun' is his new single, and it's taken from his 5th album, a process which started with his 2007 release 'While I Walk You Home' through to his last 'Every Little Step' album which was offered 2 years ago. A well known songwriter who has appeared on countless stages and festivals, his music has a soft and rich musical texture to it, and his latest releases is a particularly good example.

I guess 'A Place in the Sun' fits into my current mindset, with the long nights and amazing UK heatwave, and whilst the lyrics could be classed as slightly 'corny', actually I think they fit perfectly to many of the issues we face and I think about daily. 'Dylan Mondegreen' has the ability to express things naturally and pretty accurately - 'is it so much to ask to grow old in a peaceful land?' he asks at the start of the song, as he contemplates his secure environment whilst others are not in that position. Musically the song is swept along by a lavish and lush string section, which just makes things all very easy to listen to.

This is 'A Place in the Sun':

The new Dylan Mondegreen album will be released later this year.

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