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'Omotrack' - new single 'Way Home'

We've neglected Iceland of late, so maybe we'll spend a week catching up on stuff we might have missed, but in the meantime here's another new band we haven't featured before - and with a really interesting indie pop / electro sound to them which I think offers something different to similar style bands we've come across.

'Omotrack' might now be Iceland based, but the 2 brothers behind the band, Markús and Birkir, were brought up in 'Omorate', a small town in Ethiopia close to the Kenyan border, and on the banks of the River Omo - and that is how the band derived their name. They released an album back in 2016 and they have another one on their way entitled 'Wild Contrast' - which clearly relates to the contrasts of their lives in Ethiopia and Iceland.

The new single 'Way Home' again deals with some of these conflicts of where 'home' actually is, something to a lesser extent I understand, given I was brought up in a tiny village far way from anything. I like 'Way Home' because it is such a fusion of styles - yes it has an indie electro backdrop, but I like the guitars, the indie pop melodic feel and it somehow maintains both an intensity and a laid back charm at the same time - I think it's the build of synths at the end of the track contrasting with the chilled vocal style that manages to achieve that.

Anyway this is 'Way Home':

We'll bring you more news of the 'Omotrack' album when we have it, and you can find the band in all these different places.

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