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Introducing.... 'Nothing But Sunshine' with track 'Colour in a Nightmare'

So we continue our introductions (a few days late sorry) to new Indie Bands from across the Nordic countries, and we'll head to Finland next for the next one. 'Nothing But Sunshine' are a 4 piece Helsinki based band who bring together big sweeping guitars and a dark melancholy undercurrent. And although sometimes when we introduce you to bands they've often been around for a few years, 'Nothing But Sunshine' are a really new project - their debut single only being released in the last couple of weeks.

Colour in a Nightmare is that debut track, and it's a pretty weighty release too - over 5 minutes of music that opens with a barrage of sound, before swirling guitars and vocals carry the track forward melodically. But it's that wall of instrumental indie sound that makes this work so well - just listen to the subtle sensibilities of the section some 3 1/2 minutes in before it just blasts out a post rock style blaze of guitar noise - the contrasts work perfectly. There is so much detail in this song too, it's really well constructed, and you'll hear more every time you listen to it.

This is 'Colour in a Nightmare':

So clearly with influences listed from bands such as 'Smashing Pumpkins' and 'Ride', this was always going to be of interest to me, but I'm particularly looking forward to their debut album release which will be with us pretty soon. For more information please visit the 'Nothing But Sunshine' Facebook page.

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