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'Frederik Magle' - "The Fairest of Roses' for two trumpets and organ' ('Den

To contrast with that simple but charming piano piece, our second classical relesase today is by Danish composer 'Frederik Magle', possibly the most 'established' of classical style composers we've written about given that he has had compositions performed all over the world, with commissions from the Danish Royal Family to performances of his work by none other than the London Philharmonic Orchestra. But he has also collaborated with fellow musicians from different genres, including the hip hop group 'Suspekt'.

A few months ago he released ''The Fairest of Roses' for two trumpets and organ', ('Den yndigste rose!', based on a Danish hymn) and I wanted to feature this because the performance fascninates me, as it explores the acoustics of a church with the performers (the trumpeters and the organist) at either ends. Whilst I'm sure some of the effect is lost by listening through headphones or through speakers, I'm totally transfixed by the sound - just the simple sound of the trumpets cutting through the organ, and the way that all 3 instruments at times seem to fuse naturally together and then strike off in their own distinct direction is spellbinding. As always I make no attempt to 'critically' assess compositions such as this, I just feel that the effect is stunning and the musical performances very powerful and moving too.

Anyway this is ''The Fairest of Roses' for two trumpets and organ'':

The composition was performed by Jeppe Lindberg Nielsen and Nikolaj Viltoft (trumpets) and Frederik Magle on organ. Recorded on the large pipe organ in Saint Paul's Church in Copenhagen.

The written sheet music for 'The Fairest of Roses' has also been published, for more details please visit this link:

For further information on the composers work please visit the following places:

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