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'Bellhouse' - new single 'Mess'

After featuring 2 tracks yesterday with classical influences, our two features today cover music that is far more 'mainstream'. If truth be told we get sent (and come across) a huge selection of 'commercial' style releases, and we write about very little simply because that's not quite our 'audience', but 'Bellhouse' (aka Emma-Lee Andersson) from Sweden is no ordinary commercial artist, and her music stands slightly leftfield from everyone else.

A trained truck driver, 'wannabe' criminologist, her talents as a singer songwriter are clear, she's a multi-instrumentalist (drums, guitar, piano) for starters, and she writes natural sounding pop songs that suit her vocal style perfectly - never harsh and never forced. Her background in punk bands as a teenager show that her musical skills were developed very differently too.

Her new single is entitled 'Mess' and this is all about the melodies, with a sweeping crescendo into the chorus which allows her vocals to shine through, soaring above the track. Lyrically too there's something for everyone to relate to, and this is actually pretty much the perfect modern pop song.

Take a listen to 'Mess' here:

This song is getting some pretty good coverage in different publications including 'Clash' magazine, so it's clear that 'Bellhouse' is making a real impression. For more information visit the following places:

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