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Introducing... Synnora with 'Business' (from her album 'Nordic Love Songs'

Unfortunately there's only time for 1 quick feature this morning (we'll try and have a 'bumper' edition tomorrow to make up for it...), and after yesterdays barrage of 'commercial' sounds we wanted to contrast that with a true 'indie' artist who's just released her debut album. 'Synnora' is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who writes, records, produces and releases all her work on her own label, and her debut album is entitled 'Nordic Love Songs', with the highlight to me being the charming song 'Business'.

Now this is another track that almost escaped me during the most torrid of backlogs, but I'd dropped the song onto a playlist and 2-3 months on it's really continued to grow on me. 'Synnora' uses just an electric guitar and 3 way harmonies, which makes the vocals really exposed, but it's all constructed and performed really beautifully. I guess the result is somewhere between 'I See Rivers' and my beloved 'North Sea Radio Orchestra', but that's largely irrelevant, it's just a nice song and I hope you'll all take a listen:

This is 'Business':

Having listened to the full album this is definitely the song which I find I can connect to best, it was written by Synnora as she went through a period of extreme anxiety at the end of her college course, but the rest of the album is worth checking out - it's bright, open and melodic in its approach, if clearly written and produced as a true indie artist. 'Young Guns' is certainly a nicely written track. But if you have room for just one more song on your latest playlists please give 'Business' a try, and I hope we'll see more songs from Synnora in this style.

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