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Introducing... 'The Oceans' with track 'My Copenhagen Love'

Time for another introduction and this time we head back to Denmark for a band who might not exactly pass our 'googlability' test for new band names, but just make such a great noise that we wanted to write about them anyway. So 'The Oceans' are from Copenhagen, and they're based around 2 multi-instrumentalists Dan Joe and Linus Valdemar who's approach is to simply blast us into submission with guitars, melodies and more guitars - an approach we very much like at Nordic Music Review..

They have 3 tracks that you'll be able to find on streaming services, and they're all pretty good listens, but the best is undoubtedly 'My Copenhagen Love', which probably sums up so much about the band - a vibrant song with somewhat of a summer anthemic feel, written about searching the city they love for that 'something', but not quite sure what that 'something' is. I love this idea, it reminds me of wandering around the Northern Quarter in Manchester, the feeling that I've almost found what I'm looking for. Anyway just listen to the track, because this has gone down really well in my house, a sizable 90's indie feel to it, but still perfectly relevant for a 2018 release.

This is 'My Copenhagen Love':

So you can also check out 'The Oceans' other tracks 'You & Me' and the laid back 'So Long' online, and for more information on the band you can find them on Facebook. A debut EP should be coming out pretty soon.

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