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Mari Sainio - with new track 'Mountains' (from the album 'Minus 25')

Before our annual holiday we introduced you all to the music of Finnish composer 'Mari Sainio' through her track 'The Silence', released in advance of her album 'Minus 25'. The album has now been released, and we've taken the time to listen in more detail to another track from the album, entitled 'Mountains'

There's no doubt that the 'The Silence' really made an impression, albeit it was undoubtedly a fairly melancholy composition, inspired as it was by Sylvie Plath. But we knew at the time that the track, which included vocals, didn't really represent Mari Sainio's 'typical' musical outputs, which are normally instrumental, and minimalist and ambient in their leanings.

So from 'Minus 25' we'd like to introduce you to 'Mountains', and I love this track so much, I keep coming back to it over and over. Opening with an atmospheric instrumental section, it somehow creates vivid images of a misty mountain scene, before carefully textured strings build the volume and we're presented with a sustained intense conclusion which then fades into the distance. 'Mari Sainio's' mountains have such power in them.

This is 'Mountains':

I really do recommend the album 'Minus 25', I've just left it sitting on my listening playlist and am slowly allowing each track to consume me. Hopefully when we get back to writing full album reviews, we'll have chance to write our full thoughts, but please try and check it out for yourself.

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