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Antonia Vai - track 'The Witch' (from the album 'Ritual')

So we have a 'bumper' weekend of music to bring you, ranging from folk influenced singer songwriters to a quite inspired offbeat Sunday Non Nordic Indie selection, even if I say so myself. We'll start with a very belated write up of a singer songwriter who is Swedish with Hungarian roots, and who uses these influences in her dramatic twist on folk storytelling.

'Antonia Vai' is now based in Budapest, and she's made a real impression on the Hungarian music scene in particular, nominated for ”Songwriter of the year” by Artisjus, and being a regular performer on stage at clubs and in festivals across Europe. The track we're featuring today is 'The Witch', and I like this because it is just so distinct, she makes an immediate and almost unforgettable impression, with sliding strings and a flourish to her lyrical stories. The instrumental techniques she uses just add to the effect, with pauses in sound, big climaxes and slightly unnerving harmonies that help tell the story through her music.

It's probably best just to listen to 'The Witch' and then you'll see what I mean:

If you like this try checking out 'Antonia Vai's' 2017 album entitled 'Ritual', or check out her pages below.

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