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'Joonas Holmén + The Lossy Codecs' & 'Alec Danger' - double single 'Righteou

We've made a slight impression on our backlog, so we'll drop in now a double single which is actually released today 31st August, and it's 2 tracks from 2 Finnish artists whom we're delighted to feature for the 1st time.

Alec Danger & Joonas Holmen are 2 independent musicians from Turku (home to NMR 'Album of the Year winners 'The Stillwalkers') and Helsinki respectively and similar to the Sub Pop bands of 'my era' they've combined in a joint project to release 2 psychedelic indie tracks (through 'Fuu Records') which compliment each other, even if they do have slightly different approaches to their songwriting.

So the first single is 'Righteous Man' from 'Joonas Holmén + The Lossy Codecs' and whilst it doesn't feel right entirely to have favourites, this is such a stand out track which offers euphoric melodies against a backdrop of psychadelic sound which at times borders on the anarchic and chaotic. It reminds me very much of the excellent Swedish band 'The Culture in Memoriam', given that I was never quite sure what would happen next, with an apparent abandonment of conventional song structures. In particular offering us all the huge and quite astounding chorus just once seems like a masterstroke. I've had this song on repeat almost all week.

Contrasting with 'Joonas Holmén' is the track from 'Alec Danger' entitled 'Energy Vampires', and this has really grown on me after a couple of listens, with really thoughtful lyrics that are definitely worth a 2nd listen, a softness in the melody and an understated laid back feel in the opening stages which slowly grows in intensity as the song builds towards the end. This is a good song.

Listen to both tracks here:

So the good news is that 'Joonas Holmén + The Lossy Codecs' will have a new album out within the next couple of months, whilst 'Alec Danger' will release his album sometime in 2019 - in the meantime you can find a collection of his music on the links below.

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