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Riike Mo - new track 'Leaves Don't Lie'

We introduced you to the Swedish songwriter 'Riike Mo' back in May when he released his track 'Desperate', and we have been looking forward to follow up music from the singer songwriter, with his thought provoking style that really caught our attention in his debut track.

His latest song is entitled 'Leaves Don't Lie', and it is a more straight forward song than 'Desperate', but still in that distinct 'Riike Mo' style that was so appealing. The song was conceived during a train ride between Milan and Rimini, and once again there's a 'minimalist' approach to the instrumentals at the beginning of the song that throws the emphasis on to 'Riike Mo's' lyrics and vocals, which have a purity but a hint of fragility to them - I'm not quite sure what it is about them, but they are so convincing. Melodically he writes simple but easy listening tunes too that are just instantly likeable, and the song builds with a climactic flourish that again shows he likes his musical arrangements.

This is 'Leaves Don't Lie':

With such likeable songs I'm convinced that 'Riike Mo' will get an appreciative following, and we really look forward to a collection of songs to listen to at some stage in the next year.

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