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'Felines' with new track 'Outside'

We have a queue of Album Reviews ('Cinnamon Space Machine', Rami Vierula and 'Lac Belot' amongst others), but to keep the momentum going here's an ice cool band from Denmark that we've yet to feature in Nordic Music Review, but that have the ability to both warm your heart and simultaneously send a cold chill down your spine. We're delighted to introduce you to 'Felines':

So 'Felines' are from Copenhagen and comprise Ditte Melgaard on guitar, Mei-Long Bao on drums and Asta Louisa Bjerre on bass (although they're a 4 piece live) and they share vocal duties on their tracks, which rather brilliantly combine soulful melodies with dark grungy instrumentals. Take their latest track 'Outside', I just love the drum and guitar sound straight from the offset and when those vocals are introduced the whole song comes together in beautiful if slightly warped bliss. And this is a band not afraid to do their own thing, with a dark minimalist instrumental section in the midst of the track which I rather like too.

This is 'Outside':

The new 'Felines' EP (and first through Crunchy Frog and Burger Records) entitled 'Saying It Twice Makes It Real', will be released soon.

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