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'Fred Seul' - new single 'More Than I Am'

We try to introduce as many new artists as possible (and have a new band introduction coming up tonight), but we are trying to follow the progress of Danish songwriter 'Fred Seul', as he made such an impression both lyrically and musically with his first single which was entitled 'Lights Will Come (After Long'), and which was followed up by another interesting song called 'Wolves', both of which you can obviously find on streaming services.

Anyway his latest track is entitled 'More than I Am', and again I really like this for so many reasons, a big thudding rhythmic opening, distinct vocals and understated but catchy melodic phrases that are easy on the ear, but never feel contrived. Lyrically again this is another song that works really well, 'Fred Seul' has a way with words, this time expressing how easy it is to take people for granted, and it is all backed up with a character driven video which pulls together the concept of the song pretty well. This is simply really good.

Watch the video to 'More than I Am' here:

You can follow the exploits of 'Fred Seul' in the following places, and we're looking forward to hearing about an EP or maybe even Album in the pipeline.

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