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'The Oceans' - 'We Really Miss You' (single)

We're finally starting to make progress and I can promise you that next week will be a bumper week of music features. But today we have just one new track to bring you and it's from a band we've featured a couple of times before, 'The Oceans' from Denmark.

As regular readers will be aware, 'The Oceans' are based around 2 Copenhagen musicians, Dan Joe and Linus Valdemar, and they write consistently good indie guitar music in a really distinct style that seems to be getting them some attention from pretty respected music blogs from around the world - once again 'The Revue' have already featured them, and those guys really know their music.

Their latest track is entitled 'We Really Miss You' and instrumentally this does remind me of The Cure (in a good way) with the style of bass and guitar lines, whilst the song is fairly straight forward melodically and that throws the attention on to the lyrics, which are simply a tribute to a now departed friend. And I really wanted to feature this track almost just for this reason, it seemed so heartfelt and genuine, as well as it being a really easy song to like.

This is 'We Really Miss You' by 'The Oceans':

'The Oceans' have a good collection of songs now available on streaming services, so please give them a listen and follow their latest progress in the normal places.

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