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Introducing... Haggren Gravlund’ - 'The Wild Swans at Coole”

We have 2 short features today, both are welcome returns for Swedish artists previously featured in Nordic Music Review, and both also offer previews into November album releases. We're delighted to welcome back Sara Forslund later, but firstly Peder Gravlund (whom we featured as part of 'Handshake') has joined together with fellow Swedish songwriter Gustav Sigala Haggren to form 'Haggren Gravlund' and collaborate on a collection of songs based on poems by William Yeats.

Now I admit that I don't always connect with songs that are written based around poems, but this just works so well. The first release in advance of the album is 'The Wild Swans at Coole', and 'Peder Gravlund's' voice is just perfect for the style of the song and for the words. Musically I love the sound of the piano and the subtle guitar contribution, whilst the brass contributions and vocal harmonies are well measured and add to the warm but also melancholy songwriting.

The video is simple, but suits the song and poem too:

'Haggren Gravlund’s' upcoming album, 'Horseman Pass By', will be released on 23rd November through 'Stargazer Records'.

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