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'Pheeyownah' - new track 'Silver'

We wrote about Swedish songwriter Sara Forslund yesterday whom we welcomed back after a 2 years absence, and the situation is similar with Swedish / Ugandan artist 'Pheeyownah' who recently returned after a similar break since her 'Zero09Zero09' EP in 2016.

We haven't featured 'Pheeyownah' before, she's the recording name of 'Fiona Naluzzi' a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who had released EPs on her own label before her 2016 release on Labrador Records, who are also releasing her latest single.

Now we don't feature that many releases in this Indie Electro / R&B style, but 'Silver' is a startling track which seems to generate its own power through the heavy and hazy backdrop of bass and beats. Through the mist 'Pheeyownah's' vocals emerge with this hypnotic authority, and the whole effect is captivating as well as slightly unsettling - and I mean that in a positive interesting way. I don't think I've heard anything quite like it, I love the way the track builds with the intensity of sounds and I just really love the vocals throughout.

This is 'Silver':

Hopefully this is the start of the path towards an album release for 'Pheeyownah', as that was certainly the original intention, and you can keep track of her progress in the following places:

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