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Introducing... 'Luxhus' with track 'October Flight'

We have a few releases from Finland hanging around in our inbox, and we'll start with an introduction to a band that have blown me away somewhat with a really unusual and ambitious track. The band are 'Luxhus' and they're a 3 piece based around long term collaborators Ville and Rami, who were joined by 3rd member Maija shortly after. They released an EP entitled 'C'mon' back in 2016, which you can still find on streaming services, and having listened to it this afternoon it is well worth checking out.

Now I'm going to urge you to stick with their new track 'October Flight', because the first time I heard it I was slightly unsure whether it was almost too ambitious and long, but after having on repeat almost all weekend I'm totally bought into what these guys are trying to do. It's expansive indietronica, with an unfashionably long intro before the vocals are introduced, and melancholy lyrics set out the theme of the track, the stresses of an overworked life, travelling by airplane and feeling empty inside. But it's the way the track builds that make it such a success, after a slightly curious section 3 minutes in the track cuts to a guitar setting out the main melodic theme, and then it's just allowed to develop with a long instrumental section, with some very clever musical arrangements built around a chord progression which I just love, and which even briefly reminds me of that 'Stoneage Dinosaurs' track by 'Cardiacs'.

Please take a listen to 'October Flight', which I think has a hint of something very special about it:

Pretty good right? Anyway 'Luxhus' suggest they prefer to release tracks based on 'quality not quantity', so I have no idea what they're planning next, but we'll definitely try and cover it here.

For more information please visit them in the following places:

And here's that track by 'Cardiacs'.

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