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'Asmodean' - new release 'Devil's Disco' (single)

We're trying to cover as many styles as possible today, and it seems appropriate that after the last track from 'Strangers on a Train' entitled 'Baby I'm the Devil', we move on to a track called 'Devil's Disco', this time from our favourite young Norwegian metal band 'Asmodean' - who were formed whilst at college in Liverpool.

Now we've featured Asmodean before, but it's been a good while since we heard from them, and 'Devil's Disco' is another really strong track to add to the collection. Once again it's the sound of their guitars that I just really love, but the drum rhythms that help drive along the opening are a highlight too. The vocals are very listenable, slightly dark and intense but still melodic, whilst the song hurtles through at pace.

This is 'Devil's Disco', just listen in particular for the guitars in the instrumental section, they're are simply marvellous.

'Asmodean' remain a very 'listenable' metal band for those like me that just dabble into the genre, and I'm really hoping they can get some momentum and get an 'EP' release out over the next 12 months.

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