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'Tuvaband' - single 'Wolfpack' (from the album 'Soft Drop')

We have a good selection of bands / artists 'new' to Nordic Music Review to write about this weekend (and the weekend starts today right...?), but first an artist we've written about so much already, but it's definitely justified because she's an absolute favourite of everyone who's been involved with NMR over the last couple of years.

'Tuvaband' is now the solo project of 'Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser' and we've probably written about her 3 times since she started, and the good news is that she now has a full album out, which is entitled 'Soft Drop' and although we haven't really time for a full review, we'd definitely recommend you take a listen. From the album we're highlighting 'Wolfpack' in particular, just turn this up really loud on whatever speakers you're listening to and let the sounds consume you. 'Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser' just has this phenomenal voice, that somehow mixes power, fragility, mystery and emotional expression into one, and 'Wolfpack' has these glimpses of melody that will slowly seep into your consciousness. Instrumentally the soft pulses of guitar just carries the track along and it's all so carefully judged, and (as always) so musically expressed.

This is 'Wolfpack':

Highlights of the album 'Soft Drop' include 'Puppetshow' ( I really need to get hold of the lyrics to this track in particular), another piano driven track called 'Mother' where the vocals are particularly special, and the title song 'Soft Drop' where expressive lyrics ('nothing is what it seems') combine with the most unusual melody. And if you want a really accessible track to add to your latest playlists and get to know 'Tuvaband' then definitely give 'Just a Girl' a try. This really is an album that will take you hours to get immersed in, there's so much detail and this will certainly be a 'go to' album when I need to lock the world outside and forget about its stresses.

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