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Introducing...'Kúlu' with debut single 'Toiling'

Last Friday we wrote about the fantastic new single release from 'Strangers on a Train', and this week they have new 'labelmates' thanks to the ever excellent Celebration Records signing up fellow Danish indie rock band 'Kúlu' on to an ever growing roster, which already includes bands we've featured such as 'Son of Caesar' and 'Death Machine'.

'Kúlu' might well be a new name, but as is often the case, all 4 members, Asger Techau, Daniel Buchwald, Dennis Winterskov and Søren Sunding have good experience on the Danish music circuit, and they've combined to form a band with just such a mature and likeable sound, which I instantly liked. There's a sense of ambition and even theatre in their music, with an atmospheric opening in their debut track 'Toiling' that I just knew was going to build into a huge chorus, which is melodic, upbeat and worthy of a big festival stage. The instrumental sections have a hint of post rock drama about them, and this is definitely a band who know how to create interesting shades of darkness and light in their music.

This is 'Toiling', which was only released this morning:

We really look forward to hearing future releases from 'Kúlu', and you can follow their progress on Facebook on the link below.

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