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Arni Ehmann - new single 'Night Caller'

It might have been well over 3 years since we wrote about our last featured artist 'Mani Orrason', but under a year since we write about fellow Icelandic songwriter 'Arni Ehmann', when he released his debut tracks 'Staring at the Moon' and 'Small Talk'. Anyway the good news is that he's back with his 3rd single from his forthcoming debt album and it's entitiled 'Night Caller'.

The Reykjavik based singer songwriter made a pretty good impression with those debut songs, and I think 'Night Caller' might be his strongest release to date. Firstly it's a song which launches off at a good pace and straight into a guitar led melodic theme, but the tune is melancholy, 'Arni Ehmann's' voice has a pleading and thoughtful quality to it, and when it all comes together with full instrumental and vocals at the chorus it has a real power to it. This is not at the 'experimental' end of rock music, simply a good singer songwriter who writes Indie Rock with big melodies and the ability to deliver emotional lyrics that will pull you closer to the music.

This is 'Night Caller':

We don't yet have a date for that album yet, but as we said last time, these things do take time, and we look forward to hearing it when it's ready. In the meantime there's now a nice collection of 3 'Arni Ehmann' tracks on Spotify and other streaming services to take a listen to.

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