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'Joe Carnwath' - new single ' 'Big Heads Small Minds'

One of the unexpected fascinations with our Nordic Music Review adventure (we're almost into our 5th year would you believe...), is how we've got to know so many different regions and areas of the Nordic countries, without having actually been there yet, and that it's certainly producing a list of towns and cities I simply have to visit. The Swedish town of Uppsala (home to featured bands / artists such as 'Skogen' and 'Rain on Monday') looks particularly beautiful, and clearly adopted Swedish artist Joe Carrnwath agrees, as he's moved their from England.

American born, British raised, Joe Carnwath's move to Sweden happened after he fell in love with not just the country but a particularly special Swedish girl, although his music still has a distinct British influence. As regular readers know, I avoid trying to do comparisons, but his new single 'Big Heads Small Minds' has vocals which reminds me of Lloyd Cole, a rhythmic feel in the lyrics of The Smiths, but Joe Carnwath still has his own sound - it's fresh sounding and upbeat, with big melodies and in 'Big Heads Small Minds', a particularly catchy chorus. He lists as his influences bands such as 'The Divine Comedy' and 'Belle & Sebastian', and anyone who mentions 'The Divine Comedy' is instantly worthy of inclusion on our website, even if we are a tiny bit biased.

Anyway take a listen to 'Big Heads Small Minds':

'Big Heads Small Minds' is definitely a single to add to your latest playlists, and for more information please visit Joe on his Facebook page.

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