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'Jack Moy' - single and video 'Build It And They'll Come'

It's not always entirely the music that draws us to a release, because whilst I don't think we would ever feature something entirely based on a music video, occasionally something crops up which really captures our attention. 'Jack Moy' from Sweden has done exactly that with his new video to 'Build It And They'll Come', as it's both simultaneously cute and completely frightening at the same time.

The song title is obviously a direct quote from he bible, referencing Noah's Ark where God tells Noah that if he builds the ark ''they'll come', and the musical theme that carries the track along does have this poignant feel to it. 'Jack Moy's' vocals are passionate, imploring and charismatic too. But it is the video which steals the show, with 'Jack Moy' emotionally debating with a selection of quite lovely teddy bears, which terrify and delight me in equal quantities.

This is 'Build It And They'll Come':

For more information visit 'Jack Moy' in the following places:

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