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'Tall Blonde' - new single 'Bluebird'

We'll leave Finland to their happy pastime of 'leaf raking' and head back to Sweden for another artist we've featured previously - tomorrow we'll be featuring 2 bands brand new to Nordic Music Review. We've written about 'Tall Blonde' a few times, most recently in March when he released his 'Wonderful' EP. Regular readers will remember the Jokkmokk based musician starting under the name 'Frithiof' before moving to the 'Tall Blonde' moniker, and he now releases as a solo artist - albeit working with other musicians on each release.

His latest track 'Bluebird' is a good example of that, because it's the musical arrangements that I think are so effective. As always 'Tall Blonde' has a melodic warmth to his songwriting (I'm going to keep quoting 'Keane', irrespective of whether there's an influence), and I love the string contribution which adds a richness to the sound. Yes the vocals are melancholy to an extent, but this is still attractive and likeable indie pop that should have widespread appeal.

This is 'Tall Blonde' and 'Bluebird':

I notice there's an instrumental version of this track on Spotify, which I maybe proves my point about the warm of the overall instrumental sound. Anyway the version with vocals was released about a week ago, and you can find out more on 'Tall Blonde' on his Facebook page.

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