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'In Deed' - 'Heart Attack' (video)

We've managed to cover an album review today (hopefully 2 more in the next few days), so we'll feature something slightly shorter now, and hopefully if you liked 'Caper Clowns' then 'In Deed' from Sweden will be similarly appreciated. Regular readers might remember that we actually covered them previously in January subsequent to the release of their 'Everest' album, and also when they managed to get over to the UK for a few gigs around March.

So this is a band that made quite an impression a few years back but then went on a hiatus (don't tempt us...) but have returned with a flurry of activity, and big plans for 2019. They've firstly released a video to 'Heart Attack', which was a stand out track on their 'Everest' album, and it's reminded me just to how much I like this song. It fits somewhere in the Power Pop / Indie Rock / Shoegaze sphere, reminding me of 'Darling Buds' and maybe even a hint of 'Lush'. I particularly like the 'noise' at the beginning, it has plenty of swirling guitars and it's a song which in particular has a 'killer' verse - although the chorus is pretty good too.

This is the video to 'Heart Attack':

Hopefully we'll have time to cover 'In Deed' again sometime in the New Year.

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