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Introducing.... 'Mia Berg' with track 'Hurry'

We've had one new artist introduction from Norway today, and somewhat inevitably our 2nd takes us in the direction of Bergen, which remains the most prolific of musical cities. 'Mia Berg' is a relative newcomer to the Norwegian musical scene, but she has already appeared at gigs organised by Øyafestivalen and By:Larm, so clearly she's an artist that everyone is looking out for already.

Her new single is entitled 'Hurry', and this appealed to me predominantly because of her voice, which I think is so compelling, slightly desolate sounding vocals that suit the subtle electronica opening, as well as when accompanied by flowing guitar. The crackling musical effects create a deliberate disruption in the atmosphere of the track, as if putting the listener 'on edge', whilst the crescendo of sound at the end of the song slowly builds an intensity that's pretty dramatic too. But I still think it's the vocals which are central to the songs success.

Anyway this is 'Hurry', released through 'Diamond Club' record label:

And you can find out more about 'Mia Berg' in this short but lovely video.

More details on Mia Berg in 2019 we hope! In the meantime visit her Facebook page:

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