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Elsa Åborg with new track 'I cave'

We have 2 releases from Sweden to feature today, and I love the fact that they are just so contrasting in styles. We'll start with Elsa Åborg, a singer songwriter based in Stockholm, who previously played in a project called 'High on Heels' (with Julia Frej), and who herself released her debut EP at the end of 2015 entitled 'Heart Attacks' - which is an interesting collection of songs worth checking out on Bandcamp if you have chance.

Her new release is entitled 'I cave' and it opens introspectively with personal and thoughtful lyrics, vocals simply accompanied by acoustic guitar, and as always that throws all the attention on to the words and the expression in the voice. But the track, whilst melancholy, opens up with a melody that is lighter so it never feels stuck in the darkness. And I love the subtle contributions from accompanying instruments, almost so subtle that I can't quite establish what they consist of, but they add a texture to the music that adds to the intensity of sound.

Take a listen to 'I cave':

We'll be writing about fellow Swede Sara Forslund and her new album in the next day or so, and it's just so interesting how 2 artists with a similar set up of acoustic guitar and some gentle instrumental support can produce something so different, whilst both so captivating. Elsa Åborg is a new name to us, and we really look forward to featuring her again in the future.

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