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'It's For Us' with track 'Stay'

It's never too late to introduce a band we haven't written about before, and given that I think we'll be hearing a bit more about 'It's For Us' in 2019, it's good to sneak in a quick write up before the year ends. So the 4 piece Indie Pop Punk band are from Stockholm, and they released an album 'Come With Me' earlier in 2017, which I listened to yesterday and is well worth taking a listen to. However 'Stay' is the first single from a new album, which we're expecting in 2019.

This is an interesting band, who clearly have had a lot to contend with in the last 12 months, with the songs written as a matter of 'need' as singer Camilla had to contend with a destructive relationship, as well as her Mums terminal cancer. 'Stay' has a real intensity and an edge to it straight from the start, before opening up with a 90's influenced gothic instrumental backdrop - it's a good long 30 second intro in an era where not many bands are brave enough to do such a thing. The vocals are biting, the song is carried forward at pace, and the cut off just 2 /12 minutes in leaves me wanting more.

Take a listen here to 'Stay', I think you'll all like this:

We'll try and get you more information early next year about the release of that second 'It's for us' album.

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