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'Shy shy shy' - with track 'Joyride'

So we've written about 'Shy shy shy' before, and I think we did suggest a couple of years back they'd make a really good impression on the Danish music scene, and somewhat surprisingly we were right, with a stream of notable releases, live appearances and features across the globe - including our good friends at the 'Ear Things' website in Asia.

Their latest release seems them in a more reflective mode, as they've written a stripped back song (well at least at the start) called 'Joyride' as part of the releases they've been doing for the Danish TV show 'Doggystyle'. It opens with just guitar, subtle synths and this allows the lovely vocals of 'Astrid Cordes' to shine through (I think it was her vocals which originally drew us to their music), but actually in this track it's the wonderfully slow intense build up of guitar, drums and synths which are the real star of the show - I just love the chord progression which is repeated over and over, and it all hits this huge climax over 4 minutes in.

'Joyride' is a real success, take a listen here:

You can track down 'Shy shy shy' in one of the following places:

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