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Album of the Week: 'Pelicat' - Pelicat' (album)

Well we're almost feeling relevant reviewing Albums actually released in the last week, and after the intense textures of 'Hidden Land' and quiet folk charms of 'Loyal Liar', it does feel pretty good to be able to switch styles, with Norwegian Indie Pop band 'Pelicat' and their self titled debut release. Now hopefully regular readers will remember that we've written about these guys before, as the trio released a few singles last year in the run up to the album - and they write fairly timeless tunes with a big helping of 60's and 70's pop infleunces, but delivered in an indie guitar style.

It all opens with 'Across the Field', and it's a laid back start that builds to the first (of many) anthemic choruses, because this a band who have the ability to deliver tune after tune. Those retro influences are at the heart of 'I love the idea of 'You', but it is such a good song, with a huge melody, and this time accompanied by (inevitable) sweeping strings and an oozingly lush instrumental section. 'Tell me I'm wrong' is written in that 'slacker pop' style, with slightly wonky sounding guitars and reminding me of the excellent British indie band 'The Crimea' (sorely missed...), whilst 'Down at the Arcade' remains a real highlight - a slow, atmospheric song perfect for that festival stage, and it's another simply really good tune.

Maybe in 'All my cares' and the 'Realize' they lose the impetus slightly, although the 'former' of those 2 has really grown on me, but the previously released 'Sorry, no' is irresistible, and still reminds me of 'The Feeling' at their best. 'Bring me the Laughter' returns to that laid back slacker pop, whilst 'The Doctor' hurtles along at pace and 'Inside your Head' is possibly my album favourite, with an expansive melody and a thumping instrumental section. The album ends with the slightly curious 'Out of the Blue'. which I'm not sure entirely fits together with the rest of the album, but I do like the attempts to end reflectively, and the softer style does switch attention on to the lyrics.

I do like 'Pelicat'. There is nothing wrong with good, conventional Indie Pop with big, bright, infectious melodies and their debut album in the main part really does hit the mark. OK I admit I've not quite emotionally engaged with it like I have with the 'Loyal Liar' release, but these are obviously very different styles of albums. If 'Pelicat' don't become a huge favourite at festivals across Norway (and maybe beyond) this Spring and Summer, then there is something quite wrong with the musical world, because this is packed full of appealing pop tunes, and in dark times this is definitely music to put a smile on your face,

Nordic Music Review 8/10

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