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Since November - 'First Final Frontier' (single)

One of the highlight 'new introductions' back in 2017 was a Finnish project we featured entitled 'Since November', the creation of musician Tomi Mäkilä (The Crash', 'Magenta Skycode' and 'Montevideo) - supported by fellow musician Jukka-Pekka Flander. After the flowing charms of that single 'Star System', their new release is entitled 'First Final Frontier' and it's an equally compelling track that, for some unexplained reason, has a 'goosebump' effect' on me too.

Whilst 'Star System' had a gorgeous flowing piano theme, this time in 'First Final Frontier' it's an acoustic guitar which propels the track forward, but there are similarities with that previous song (which means that 'Since November' clearly have a distinct 'style'), and it's the most gorgeous melody too, which is almost slightly overwhelming and unworldly. Actually the laid back melancholy style reminds me, for some reason, of Swedish project 'Valsaland'. Lyrically too the words seem to suit the song - 'When everything seems to fine, what a lie, I'm faking my smile'.

I do really like this, take a listen here:

I really hope it won't be another 18 months before we hear another song from 'Since November', so we'll be asking politely for an EP or something during the next 12 months. In the meantime you can check them out here:

We'll be staying in Finland tomorrow for our 'Album of the Week', and we'll also have a Live Album review of Swedish project '1900'.

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