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'The Remaining Part' - 'The Remaining Part' (EP)

We've covered a good range of newly released Albums in the last few weeks, but we're slightly behind on an EP that came out at the beginning of the month, and it is a great contrast to the full on Indie guitar anthems of Finnish band 'Pastis' that we featured earlier today. 'The Remaining Part' consist of 3 members between Denmark and Germany, producer Maxi Menot, and then 2 vocalists - Shary and a name more familiar to us, Line Bogh, who released her excellent 'Like Fire Like Fire' album back in 2017.

There are 5 tracks on their self titled EP, and 'In the Beginning' opens, with hypnotic beats providing the backdrop for the song, but there are some lovely subtleties to enjoy, from the background choral harmonies, to the delicate string contributions - this is not 'in your face' music in any way, and there appears to be a perfect balance between all 3 contributors on the EP. In 'Day Dream' the phrasing of vocals at the opening has me 'rewinding' (or whatever the modern day equivalent is ...) to listen to their preciseness again, before it opens up with a bigger pop chorus - and I love the beguiling rhythms at the end of the track. 'Little Oceans' maybe appeals to me a little less, perhaps because it is more conventional sounding, but 'Babylon' is a real highlight, with a mesmerizing set of melodies, at times a complex background of sound, and I like the contrasts in dynamics - it's a track which has really grown on me. 'Other Worlds' wraps up the EP with an easy melody and a lovely conclusion courtesy of the strings.

'The Remaining Part' feels so naturally conceived, with lovely soft musical textures, and a perfect fusion of sound between each member of the trio. I expected the vocals courtesy of Line Bogh and Shary to be of high quality, but the absorbing rhythms and beats are really well judged, and there are so many subtleties to enjoy on multiple listens - from the harmonies to the level of precision in the vocal delivery. This is a stylishly written and beautifully performed set of songs, and I really hope it's not the last we've heard of this project.

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