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'Ida Wenøe' - new single 'Another Kind of Love'

We have briefly written about 'Ida Wenøe' previously, but have given her nowhere near the coverage she deserves, but thankfully we should be able to correct that over the next few months with a new single, an album and some UK live dates to write about. I think I first read about the Danish singer songwriter a few years ago when our friends at the excellent 'Good Because Danish' wrote about her, and since then she has released a steady stream of music, including the excellent 2017 album 'Time of Ghosts', and was even nominated at the Danish Music Awards.

The good news is that she will be releasing a new album shortly (the beautifully titled 'The Things We Don't Know Yet' on 12th April), and in advance of that she's released a single entitled 'Another Kind of Love'. There's so much to like about this song, and actually I think it's probably the vocals that really make it special. At times the instrumentation is sparse and all you can here is that voice, which has this comforting, absorbing and authoritative quality that makes you want to turn up the gentle melody. And at close to 4 1/2 minutes it feels a substantial song, too, building subtly in volume and intensity - I think the style and pace just gives it a really 'classy' feel.

Even better, for those of you in the UK, Ida Wenøe will be doing some live dates later in April, the full list is below, but she'll be playing one of my favourite small London venues, the Green Note in Camden on Wednesday 24th April. Obviously for those of you in Denmark she's doing a fair few gigs in Denmark too.

Anyway this is 'Another Kind of Love':

And here's those Ida Wenøe UK gig dates:

Thursday 18th April - Sheffield, Café No 9

Friday 19th April - Cardigan, Small World Theatre

Sunday 21st April - Leicester, The Musician

Wednesday 24th April - London, Green Note

Thursday 25th - Sudbury, St Peters Church

For further details please visit the following places, in case there are more dates added or any changes.

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