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'Death by Horse' - new single 'Dear Jim' (from album 'Reality Hits Hard')

So here's a song that will wake you up on a Monday morning, and maybe even inspire you to think about yourself in a different way to yesterday. Sweden's 'Death by Horse' are yet band another we've regrettably never featured in NMR, but we'll correct their omission from our pages now, with a simply blistering post punk single which I've been playing pretty much all week.

UK readers may not have come across 'Death by Horse' before, but they're a band who've made a pretty good impression back in Sweden. Their debut album "This Too Shall Pass" was rel​eased in 2016 and has had massive streaming numbers on Spotify, and they were nominated for "Newcomers of the Year" during the Manifest Gala in Sweden. With their 2nd album "Reality Hits Hard" imminent, the band are preparing for a mammoth European tour in April (and more dates over the summer), although sadly they're not quite making it to the UK.

Anyway new song 'Dear Jim' is a very direct track lyrically, charting the problems their first drummer had with drugs and alcohol, losing his livelihood, family and place in the band, with him always claiming he'll clean up 'tomorrow'. It's actually a really powerful song, the passion of the vocals is self-evident, and I just love the raucous sound of the guitars that carry the track along at a high intensity and furious pace. As well as being a full frontal assault on your senses, it's a track (at over 4 minutes long) with real depth to it too - and that's why it works so well.

This is 'Dear Jim':

So we're assuming that the album 'Reality Hits Hard' is going to be released pretty soon, so we'd recommend you keep your eyes open...

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