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'You Could Be A Cop' - ' Against the Bleeding Skyline' (single)

We have 2 short album reviews pending, hopefully they'll see the light of day late tonight, but in the meantime we'll keep the momentum going with an excellent slow building track from the Norwegian project 'You Could Be A Cop'. Against the Bleeding Skyline' somehow builds from a cute indie pop track into something resembling post rock, and it's strangely mesmerizing.

So 'You Could Be a Cop' are from Trondheim, who for previous releases featured British singer Natalie Evans, who combined with brothers Marius and Morten (also from the excellent 'Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson') on some interesting tracks which resulted in their self titled 2017 EP release. Natalie has now been working on other solo projects so on their new single they've teamed up Tonje Tafjord, from the indie folk project 'Avind' - and it's a huge 'fail' that we've not written about her before', hopefully we can correct that soon.

Anyway 'Against the Bleeding Skyline' opens with a simple acoustic guitar and Morten's vocals, before layers of sound are gradually added, the soft vocals of 'Tonje Tafjord' contrasting with his fraught slightly despairing vocals. The crescendo of sound steps up further about 2 minutes in, before we're offered a sustained shoegaze / post rock influenced deluge of sound, repeating the main vocal refrain over and over. I really like how this develops.

This is the 'Against the Bleeding Skyline':

Hopefully there will be more releases with this combination of musicians, because I think it's a really interesting balance of styles. You can find them on Facebook:

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