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'Catself' - 'A New Green' (single)

We've covered a particularly unusual release today with Danish musician M. Rexen and his weighty long titled album, so here's a lovely sweet and quirky song to balance up our recommendations. We've featured Finnish songwriter 'Catself' previously, she writes flighty nature inspired alternative folk, with the most honest and endearing lyrics and we're delighted she has a new song out.

So it's entitled 'A New Green' and it's a completely charming song, with the cutest of melodies that will dance around your head all day, and lyrics which will make you hang on to every word she says. But there are also some lovely subtle instrumental contributions too, from the cello in the opening chorus to the piano that carries the track to its conclusion. This is also my favourite artwork of the year to date, without any argument.

This is 'A New Green':

Ok I realise this style of music may not quite be for everyone, but I wish there was more 1 million times more 'Catself' in the world and rather less of Donald Trump and Brexit.....

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