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'Annasara' - 'Tell Me Before I Leave' (single)

I think last Monday morning we tried to wake you up with some riotous post punk, so this morning we'll try the opposite - a soothing, beautiful track courtesy of Swedish musician 'Annasara'. Maybe it's more suitable for the start of Spring, where everything seems more positive, and the clouds are looking slightly less threatening - even if the song doesn't entirely match that outlook.

So 'Annasara' is another artist we haven't featured at Nordic Music Review, she's a Malmö-based violinist, composer and singer songwriter, who has influences from across the classical and rock spectrums - from French composers such as Debussy through to Radiohead. I always feel this kind of mix bodes well, partly because it often leads to highly skilled compositions, but also seems to suit my musical taste. Anyway in 'Annasara's' most notable release to date has been a most lovely album of traditional children's songs, with lovely delicate musical arrangements, and which I would literally recommend to everyone I knew with young children, if it wasn't for the fact that its sung in Swedish - although maybe that shouldn't matter.

Her new single is called 'Tell Me Before I Leave', and yes those Debussy / Ravel piano influences are obvious, but there's also a hint of modern minimalist composers too, and I'll throw in Estonian composer Arvo Pärt's name too, because if you've heard of him you should like 'Annasara's' perspective on music too. In 'Tell Me Before I Leave' it's also the vocals that make a real impact too, and when the collective instruments hit at 1:40 it's just so powerful and intense. I'm reminded too of early Divine Comedy ('Promenade' perhaps?) in both the arrangements and melodies, but then they're a band with deep rooted classical influences too.

This is 'Tell Me Before I Leave'. I do really love this.

I really try not to commit to writing about future releases, because that's how our huge backlogs start and never end, but I have no doubt we'll be writing about 'Annasara' again sometime in the next 12 months. And check out her album of children's songs, especially if you're Swedish and have children, or used to have children, or used to be a child...

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