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'Beezewax' - 'Two Diamonds' (single)

We have a couple of EP reviews in the pipeline, plus a catch up on 5 Albums we missed in March, but firstly here's an upbeat Indie Pop song for your latest Indie Playlists. 'Beezewax' are from Norway and we featured them last year when they released a lovely song called 'Rainbows', and plugged their 2018 tour too as they were playing the Cavern, Exeter, which just has such sentimental memories for me. I also complained about them not coming to Manchester, but looks like they did in February this year and I didn't spot it - these guys sure do a lot of gigs...

'Two Diamonds' is the latest release leading up to a brand new Beezewax album, which is due to land on 3rd May, and which is entitled 'Peace Jazz'. I really like this new song, which straight from the opening has just such an infectious guitar sound, and then easy going vocal melodies carry the track forward, with an array of accompanying instrumentals - this will go down well with fans of bands like Teenage Fanclub, maybe The Little Ones. It's pure Indie Pop joy, totally irresistible and guaranteed to brighten up your day - not that it needs brightening up on such lovely Spring mornings obviously.

This is 'Two Diamonds':

We will definitely try and cover the Album release in May (which is via the excellent via Sellout! Music), and if they do make it back to the UK for any more gigs we will definitely try and get to one this time.

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