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'The Flavians' - new single 'Silver Car'

So there's loads of new music online (we recommend the new track from 'Moron Police'), but still wanted to squeeze in a few words about the new(ish) single from 'European' band 'The Flavians'. We wrote about the 50% Swedish, 25% Czech and 25% British project (but based in Germany) a few months back when they released a charming if dark humoured song called 'Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted') about the poor office worker who lost everything in one day, and a couple of weeks ago they released a new song entitled 'Silver Car'.

'Silver Car' is a another endearing if slightly sad story from the quartet, who write slightly retro pop songs with likeable harmonised melodies, and this one tells the 'coming of age' tale of a slightly reckless girl who meets a boy, but comes under his bad influence, despite her Mums attempts to protect her. It's another distinct and memorable song, and the video will keep you watching right to the end too. The song is from the bands forthcoming album entitled 'Ordinary People in an Ordinary World', and I'm guessing we'll be offered similar perceptive stories about peoples lives, all probably influenced by the bands experiences living in Berlin.

This is 'Silver Car':

We haven't been given a release date for that album, but we're really looking forward to hearing it. In the meantime you can find 'The Flavians' in the normal Social Media type places.

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